About Us

The Association of Microfinance Institutions of Kosovo (AMIK) is a non-governmental organization that functions as an association based on membership. Its mission is to advance the microfinance sector to support financial and social inclusion and economic development by providing a strong common platform and excellent services.

The mission of AMIK is to help in sustainable economic development and the creation of new jobs through the support of the microfinance sector in Kosovo. AMIK supports the development of programs with members and partners to support the development of entrepreneurship in Kosovo, client empowerment and the institutionalization of good practice in microfinance and non-bank intermediation.

The main areas of AMIK's function are: Advocacy and Policies, Microfinance Best Practices and Coordination of activities in order to develop the microfinance sector.

AMIK is a member of the European Microfinance Network (EMN). As part of membership in the EMN, we work together to improve the legal framework in line with the best practices in Europe, participation in trainings, consultations, conferences, joint projects and other useful initiatives is possible. The sharing and implementation of good European practices contribute to transparency and fairness to members and users of credit resources, to combat poverty, unemployment and create conditions for the employment of young people.

History of AMIK

In an effort to better meet the needs of small businesses and the micro business sector of Kosovo as well as facilitate the growth of the industry, in 2002, several MFIs in Kosovo decided to establish an official association called the Association of Microfinance Institutions of Kosovo (Association of Microfinance Institutions of Kosovo - AMIK).

The founding members are the Kosovo Rural Credit (KRK), the Microfinance Agreement, the Kosovo Financing Agency (AFK), FINCA-Kosovo, and the Kosovo Enterprise Program (KEP).

Appreciating the possibility and importance of joint learning, the member institutions saw the need for this association that would coordinate various joint activities, that would advocate for their needs and establish a code of 'best practices' - experiences of successful microfinance. MFIs in Kosovo have cooperated extensively over the past years creating the basis for the microfinance sector and for an Association that will lobby in the interest of MFIs as a common entity.

AMIK throughout all these years continues to cooperate closely with members to define and develop continuous strategies for the future.

Currently, AMIK members are eight Microfinance Institutions:
  • AFK (Agency for funding in Kosovo)
  • FINCA Kosovo
  • KEP Trust
  • KGMAMF (Kosovo Grameen Missione Arcobaleno Micro Credit Fund)
  • KosInvest
  • KRK (Kreditimi Rural i Kosovës)
  • QELIM Kosova
  • START Institucioni Mikrofinanciar